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This INNOVATIVE program for all parents, even those who have little or no musical experience, who want to teach music in a creative and natural way that is pleasing for every one.

This program is great for children in WALDORF KINDY in the home.

Parents, not only will you LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE PENNYWHISTLE, but you will learn how to teach your young child a full music program.

*Learning to play the pennywhistle
*Learning rhythms through familiar rhymes that we all know such as Mother Goose Rhymes
*Learning rhythm through hand claps like Miss Mary Mack
*Learning through music games such as hot beans and melted butter, please my master come to supper and Listen and Freeze
*how integrate this program in your circle time
*integrate lessons with your main lessons and festivals
*Learning how to write your own songs with only a few notes all you need is a mood and a rhythm
*Learning through play, imagination and story telling
*contact Jodie Mesler anytime,, if you have any questions, she offers great support.

Parents, NO need to learn how to read music, just simply WATCH, LISTEN, and PLAY.

EASY, EASY, EASY! The song selections are all familiar to you so you can play them easily, the songs are Mother Goose Rhymes rewritten in the MOOD OF THE FIFTH
STEP ONE say the rhyme
STEP TWO play the notes for the rhyme
STEP THREE sing the rhyme
STEP FOUR play the rhyme with your child as your child follow along with his pennywhistle on only one note, a very cute duet and pleasing to the child, then you both sing it.
CHECK OUT the video below to get a better understanding.

Video Tutorial Lesson 1


Living Music From the Heart Volume 1 
by Jodie Mesler  INCLUDES:

7 Teacher Lesson Video Tutorials
Parent learns how to play the pennywhistle in 7 videos
20 Video Tutorials 
Learn how to teach your child 20 lessons that follow all 4 seasons (see video of Lesson 1)
27 Lessons Ebook 
-7 Teacher Lessons 
-20 Lessons to Teach Your Child (see Lesson 1)
Articles include:
- Your Singing Voice
- Understanding the Lesson Format for the Six-Year-Old Child in Waldorf Kindy
- Before Beginning Lessons with Your Child
- Understanding the Importance of the Pentatonic Scale (read it here, a sneak peak)

$30 Living Music From the Heart Volume 1, 
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