PRODUCT Living Music From the Heart Vol. 2

20 Lesson Ebook and 20 Video Tutorials

WONDERFUL MUSIC PROGRAM for Grades 2 and Grades 3, it is for all parents and teachers, even those who have little or no musical experience, who want to teach music in a creative and natural way that is pleasing for every one.

No need to learn how to read music, just simply WATCH, LISTEN, and PLAY.

*Learn in a simple STEP BY STEP way how to play a recorder instrument such as the pennywhistle, recorder, pentatonic flute or C flute

*GAMES play fun music games like Blow Dragon Blow

*LEARNING SCALES in a storytelling way, plus learning them by playing games

*ALL RHYTHM lessons follow Living Music From the Heart Volume 1, therefore this enhances you, the teacher, and the child from one year ago, really gaining more confidence as a player

*LESSONS follow the seasons, so you can integrate them into your mainlesson and festivals

*LESSON SONGS include new techniques, such as slurring, tonguing, rhythm styles, etc

*FOLK SONGS sing and play great pentatonic songs (five note melodies) like Shortnin' Bread, Ducks in the Millpond, Goodbye Old Paint, Farmer In the Dell, Hush Little Baby, There Was a Man and He Was Mad, Little Liza Jane, Mary Had a Baby, Run Chillin' Run, Bought Me a Cat, and many more

*Last learn IMPROVISATION write your own songs, this is where it gets really fun!!! So many of my students have written great songs, songs that live within them during such precious years of their lives

*HUGE BOOK 95 pages full of great detail

Living Music From the Heart Volume 2 for Grades 2 & 3 by Jodie Mesler INCLUDES:

20 Lesson Video Tutorials
Learn how to teach your child by video 20 lessons that follow all 4 seasons
20 Lessons Ebook

95 page book with full detail and music notation