PRODUCT Living Music From the Heart Vol. 2

Rebecca says, "I received my vol 2 package yesterday. I wanted to say thank
you. This is truly an amazing product! When I received Vol. 1 last year,
it was a breath of fresh air. It brought fun and games, and play into
our home and music lessons. Vol. 2 carries Jodie's wonderful teaching
style and beautifully laid out lesson plans AND expands from Vol. 1
into an amazingly complex and deep curriculum. She has gone above and
beyond with this volume. It can (and will be) used for several years

in our home. This is not a throw away after one year package."

Living Music From the Heart: Music Curriculum Vol 2 is a very large extension of Volume 1. It reinforces what you taught your child and now you can teach your child the full songs with all the notes. It is great to start Volume 1 with your 6 year-old, then move into Volume 2 when your child is 7. 

But if your child is 7 or older, it is a

BEGINNER PROGRAM, yes, you can skip Volume 1 and start on Volume 2 because it starts at the beginning. It is amazing to see the differences between the 6 year-olds and 7 year-olds and the way they learn!

WONDERFUL MUSIC PROGRAM Volume 2 is for all parents, even those who have little or no musical experience, who want to teach music in a creative and natural way that is pleasing for every one.

No need to learn how to read music, just simply WATCH, LISTEN, and PLAY.

For Waldorf-inspired parents to teach their children IN THE GRADES, with so much more music!!!


Don't be SURPRISED if in the end you can read music, because one parent claims she could read music using this program. There is a answer sheet that follows every lesson with the notes written out, she could compare notation to the answer sheet, as she taught herself using this comparison, and so can you! (check out samples below)

*Learn the pennywhistle in an engaging way

*GAMES play fun music games like Blow Dragon Blow

*LEARNING SCALES in a storytelling way, plus learning them by playing games

*ALL RHYTHM lessons follow Living Music From the Heart Volume 1, therefore this enhances you, the teacher, and the child from one year ago, really gaining more confidence as a player

*LESSONS follow the seasons, so you can integrate them into your mainlesson and festivals

*LESSON SONGS include new techniques, such as slurring, tonguing, rhythm styles, etc

*FOLK SONGS sing and play great pentatonic songs (five note melodies) like Shortnin' Bread, Ducks in the Millpond, Goodbye Old Paint, Farmer In the Dell, Hush Little Baby, There Was a Man and He Was Mad, Little Liza Jane, Mary Had a Baby, Run Chillin' Run, Bought Me a Cat, and many more

*Last learn IMPROVISATION write your own songs, this is where it gets really fun!!! So many of my students have written great songs, songs that live within them during such precious years of their lives

*HUGE BOOK 95 pages full of great detail

Living Music From the Heart Volume by Jodie Mesler INCLUDES:

20 Lesson Video Tutorials
Learn how to teach your child by video 20 lessons that follow all 4 seasons
20 Lessons Ebook
95 page book with full detail and music notation

My Fingers Are Dancing
Jack Be Nimble
Like the Turtle
Hush Little Baby
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Inch Worm
Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate
Little Miss Muffet
Old MacDonald
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
Tick Tock, Hear the Clock
There Was a Man and He Was Mad
Jack Sprat
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Star Light, Star Bright
A Song From My Heart
Mary Had a Baby
Little Jack Horner
Turn Into Light
Morning Song
Polly Put the Kettle On
Whisper Then Shout
Shortnin’ Bread
Little Poll Parrot
Jogging With My Doggy
Did You Go to the Barney?
Georgie Porgie
Clap With Me
Little Liza Jane
Little Robin Redbreast
Swing Your Partner
A Frog Went A-Courtin’
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
In the Springtime
Humpty Dumpty
Hot Cross Buns
Johnny Get Your Haircut
March Winds
The Tooth Fairy
Ducks in the Mill Pond
It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
The Dance
Bought Me a Cat
Little Tommy Tittlemouse
Willow Tree
Run, Chillen, Run
High Diddle, Diddle
Goodbye Old Paint
Hickory Dickory Dock
Fresh Tomatoes
The Farmer in the Dell
A Wise Old Owl
We Are One Big Family
The Crawdad Song

long tones
pentatonic scale D, E, G, A, B, D', E', G'
high to low
low to high
building a repertoire
long tones and short tones and rests
measuring tones
tempos; slow, moderate, fast
soft and loud
swinging tempos

Blow Dragon Blow to strengthen lungs and build strong long tones
Call & Response to fine tune rhythms and techniques
Fix Your Leaky Tire to work on proper hand position
High to Low or Low to High? learning how to hear the differences in tones
Blowing Up Balloons to strengthen lungs and build strong long tones
The Stopwatch Challenge to strengthen lungs and build strong long tones

The difference between Vol 1 &2:
 -Vol 1. is for the Waldorf Kindy, imitation/HANDS stage of development
-Vol. 2 is for the Waldorf Grades, feeling/HEART stage of development

Yes, Begin here if you like because volume 2 is a beginner method with all the tools you need to get started! But, it is built on Volume 1 and reinforces the child's foundation.

Can the wooden pentatonic or diatonic recorder be substituted with this method? Yes, simply play the same notes D, E, G, A, B.  They are the same tone as penny whistle. Watch my video on How to play and finger the Choroi Pentatonic Flute, for a free tutorial.


There are two versions of each lesson, one for those you can't read music and one for those who can. You can also teach yourself how to read music by referring to the first version like an "answer sheet."

Lesson 18 in the "answer sheet version"

Lesson 18 in the musical notation version.