ABOUT Jodie Mesler

About Me
    I have been a performer since I was 13. I studied music composition and performance, and became a professional musician with my husband, as his bassist and flutist for our blues and jazz band, performing in Atlanta. I am currently writing and recording an inspirational instrumental album that should be released in 2018.
  I have been an instructor for several Waldorf-inspired homeschooling conferences including Taproot Teacher Training, The Waldorf Homeschool Conference,  Waldorf Essentials and The Waldorf ConnectionLittle Acorn Learning, has Afterschool Enrichment ebooks which include my seasonal songs to play and sing. 
     As a musician, my end result for my musical journey has always been to experience all the beautiful sounds of many different instruments in the hopes of one day writing my own music. Throughout school and college, professionally performing, recording, and teaching,  I have learned to play the the pennywhistle, recorder, pentatonic flute, the silver flute, the guitar, the bass guitar, the ukulele, the drums and last the piano and keyboard. As I am now familiar with all these instruments, I have a well rounded idea of the beauty of all the frequencies of sound, rhythm and knowledge of music. It is also my desire to encourage people to learn music in a living way. That is why I named my company Living Music.  I have had a many wonderful songwriting moments and I am here to encourage you that one day you can write music, too. Music lives within us all, I am wanting to help you make it become more alive. The more steps you take toward music, the more amazing experiences will come your way. Thanks for stopping by.