ABOUT Jodie Mesler

About Me

    I enjoy experiencing the amazing abundance of music through listening, songwriting, performing, teaching, and creating.  Playing music is the most rewarding experience in my life and I am eager to share my passion with others who want to add a beautiful talent to their lives.

    I studied music composition and performance at Clayton State College, and quickly became a professional musician with my husband, as his bassist and flutist for our blues and jazz band, performing for five years in Atlanta. Some of our most memorable performances where at the High Museum of Art Folk art exhibit meeting the famous folk artist Howard Finster, Chip's Roadhouse, Sandy Springs Fall Festivals, and Binging it Back Blues Festival, just to name a few.

    As a songwriter, I enjoy writing songs when I am inspired like catching a wave and enjoying the thrilling ride. The best feeling in the world.

    As a performer,  I am the keyboardist for Harvest Point UMC, but sometimes I play bass or flute. I also have original songs that I perform locally. I have been a performer since I was 13.

   As a music teacher, I enjoy teaching private lessons for piano, flute, guitar, bass and pennywhistle lessons to all ages and ultimately inspiring them to be songwriters. I especially enjoy children. I have been a teacher for 22 years. I have a home studio full of great students and songwriters during the week. I teach classes once a week at the Theami Montessori School. On Wednesdays night, I am the music leader of my church's youth group.

    As a creative, I offer an artistic music program called Living Music From the Heart: Music Curriculum with video tutorials and lesson book for parent and child- how to play the pennywhistle. I enjoy encouraging parents of young children to teach their children music in a living way. 

    As a Waldorf inspired mother, I enjoy the beauty of living holistically with plenty of free play, especially outside in nature. I captured our joys in song during the early years of parenting. The album is called Sweet Songs. If you enjoy singing with your young children, come and support our family by purchasing our CD and ebook for only $10, a digital download.

 As a Waldorf-inspired music teacher, I have been involved with several Waldorf Homeschooling Conferences including Peach Cobblers, Waldorf Essentials and The Waldorf Connection.  I have enjoyed leading the music for several seasonal festivals with Atlanta Waldorf Homeschoolers. From 2011-12, I wrote two songs a month for The Afterschool Enrichment books for Little Acorn Learning. In 2016, I went to Ohio for the Taproot Teacher Training for Waldorf Inspired Learning as the presenter for music workshops.