Living Music From the Heart: Music Curriculum Volume 1 for Age 6

Begin your FAMILY MUSIC MAKING journey and bring live music from your heart into your home.

No need to learn how to read music, just simply WATCH, LISTEN, and PLAY.

Become a confidant singer, by simply knowing the notes, how the song goes, and you can easily sing.

Complete the Teacher Lessons and then OPEN and GO1 You, as the teacher, get to learn all the notes on the pennywhistle- D, E, F#, G, A, B, and C#, so you can play songs. You will only have to teach your child 3 notes- B, A, and G!! EASY!!!

Enjoy building listening skills, creating new sounds, playful music games, singing songs, playing recorders and developing rhythm and joyful music.

Start in Waldorf Kindy, the EARLY YEARS before GRADE 1.

Add the songs to your circle time and seasonal celebrations, as the lessons follow the seasons.

START EARLY before your children reach age 6, learn the pennywhistle now, so the songs can live in your children's heart as you sing to them and they learn to sing them!

For the 6-year-old child ONLY 3 NOTES B, A, G
* a playful and artistic teaching method
*taught through a child's world of play using rhythm, singing and movement
*very easy and pleasurable for both teacher and child
*Can the wooden pentatonic or diatonic recorder be substituted with this method? Yes, simply play B, A, G.  They are the same tone as penny whistle. Here is a free tutorial:  How to Play and Finger the Choroi Pentatonic Recorder.

Living Music From the Heart: Music Curriculum Volume 1 by Jodie Mesler
Volume 1 Includes:
 20 Tutorials and 1 Lesson Ebook
**Purchase pennywhistles separately

What's on the tutorials?
 *7 Teacher Lessons
*20 Lessons to teach your child - enough lessons to last one year
*Games, live in action on the tutorials
*Watch step by step instruction of many hand clap rhythms such as Miss Mary Mack
*Instructed by Jodie Mesler, private music teacher of 20 years

What's in the ebook?
- Your Singing Voice
- Understanding the Lesson Format for the Six-Year-Old Child
- Before Beginning Lessons with Your Child
- Understanding the Importance of the Pentatonic Scale
- The Penny Whistle
-7 Teacher Lessons
-20 Lessons to Teach Your Child

Preview some short clips of many of the lessons

Preview the full Lesson 1 with Child

Look inside the ebook at Lesson 1

What people are saying

My daughter and I absolutely LOVED your Vol 1 music curriculum. Thank you for all the dedicated work that you put in to it! I am looking forward to solidifying our work with Vol 2. What a difference this will make for my daughter's music journey; much better than my own :o) And as a bonus I am learning and understanding music a little more than I ever did in the 20+ years that I spent in lessons and instrumental & vocal groups. What a blessing to have you in our Waldorf homeschooling community! -Joyce from Ohio
Thanks so much Jodie, you have put so much of your time, energy, love for music and passion into this.  Our children do love your curriculum and ask to play the pennywhistle often -  lots of interest and enthusiasm – it suits us well.  I have had no music training so for me, your gift to us is truly a godsend. -Kelly from the UK

I have to rave about Jodie Mesler's Living From the Heart music curriculum. I just finished the first lesson and cannot believe how easy it was for me to play the pentatonic flute! I have been teaching myself to play with David Darcy's book for about three weeks, but I have been feeling like I might not be able to teach my dd the flute in September. Now I know that I can do it, and Jodie already has the lessons all planned out for me in her book! -Nichole from California, Mother to Eliza (6yo)

Living Music From the Heart: Music Curriculum Volume 2 for Ages 7 and Older

Continue your FAMILY MUSIC MAKING journey and bring live music into your home!

No need to learn how to read music, just simply WATCH, LISTEN, and PLAY, but there is music notation for those who can read music, also! see examples below

Join in the joy of building listening skills,playful music games, singing songs from America's rich folk history like Shortnin' Bread and Ducks in the Millpond!

Start your child in grade 1 up to grade 3, but begin your music lesson journey now so when your child enters grade 1 he will be familiar with the tunes because you are singing them and playing them all the time!

Finally, add the songs to your seasonal celebrations as the lessons follow the seasons for a full year!

Living Music From the Heart: Music Curriculum Volume 2 
by Jodie Mesler

The difference between Vol 1 &2:
 -Vol 1. is for the child at age 6, imitation/HANDS stage of development
-Vol. 2 is for the child at age 7, feeling/HEART stage of development

Yes, Begin here if you like because volume 2 is a beginner method with all the tools you need to get started! But, it is built on Volume 1 and reinforces the child's foundation.

Will you become a successful music teacher, even with little musical experience? Yes, here is a real mom who taught her daughter, get the scoop in this great review 

Can the wooden pentatonic or diatonic recorder be substituted with this method? Yes, simply play the same notes D, E, G, A, B.  They are the same tone as penny whistle. Watch my video on How to play and finger the Choroi Pentatonic Flute, for a free tutorial.

Here are samples of the actual Lessons, written in two different formats, one for the beginner and one for the musician.

Want to know all about LMFH Vol.2? continue to read about the complete overview of the curriculum

What people are saying...

I received my vol 2 package yesterday. I wanted to say thank you. This is truly an amazing product. When I received vol 1 last year, it was a breath of fresh air. It brought fun and games and play into our home and music lessons. This vol 2 carries your wonderful teaching style and beautifully laid out lesson plans but expands from vol 1 into an amazingly complex and deep curriculum. You have gone above and beyond with this volume. It can (and will be) used for several years in our home. This is not a throw away after one year package. -Rebecca from Indiana

The intended age is 7-9 for this program, but I am using it with my 12 year old who hasn't had much recorder in the past. I think it would also be wonderful for a mother of very young children to get this program just to learn for herself. She could sing the songs as part of daily life, and really incorporate them into the child's memory, but she'd also have this magic flute! I imagine a mother with little ones sitting on a blanket in the garden, and the mama plays lilting songs on the pennywhistle and the children dance around in the grass. -Lauri from Pennsylvania

We have Volume 2 and are in the 2nd lesson - and my son loves the blow dragon blow game. Although, my son learns recorder at Waldorf School (He's in his 2nd year) and I teach him at lunchtime.  I can very slowly read music, and I really like the way Jodie has put the lessons together. I find it easy to follow, and some tunes he already knows so then we move quicker and finish up by her last part, called improvisation, where we make up our own tune. -Ali from Australia